Aceclofenac: a new threat to vultures

More than ten NSAIDs are available for veterinary use in South Asia. Of these, we know that diclofenac and ketoprofen are vulture-toxic and meloxicam is vulture-safe, the rest remain to be safety tested.

However, a recent publication by Sharma (2012) in the Journal of Raptor Research provides evidence that aceclofenac is another vulture-toxic NSAID. Sharma (2012) highlights the similarity between aceclofenac and diclofenac, both structurally and pharmaceutically. In fact, his literature review shows that aceclofenac readily metabolises in to diclofenac in humans, rats, monkeys and dogs. Sharma (2012) draws the logical conclusion that aceclofenac would do the same in cattle; thereby contribute to the deaths of vultures.

Sharma (2012) calls for veterinary practitioners to take the precautionary approach and avoid aceclofenac.

Read Sharma (2012) and the associated BNHS press release.


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