Another successful breeding season in India’s conservation breeding programme

BNHS’s Vulture Conservation Breeding Centres have had another successful breeding season in 2011-2012: twenty-six vultures have fledged.

Among these 26, were all three Critically Endangered Gyps species, the first vulture to be fledged at the West Bengal centre and the first slender-billed vulture to be fledged through artificial incubation and hand rearing (at the Haryana centre).

Thus, the vulture populations at all three centres (ie Haryana, Assam and West Bengal) have reached breeding age; and double-clutching techniques (where the first clutch is raised artificially to allow the parents to raise a second clutch) at the Haryana centre is shown to possible for all species.

With these developments, BNHS is looking forward to another equally successful breeding season in 2012-2013.

Another two oriental white-backed vultures have also successfully fledged at the Junagadh Zoo in Gujarat in 2011-2012.


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