Decline in South Asia’s vultures: “a case in point” of the cost of the loss ecosystem service

The economic cost of the decline of South Asia’s vultures features in Tony Juniper’s new book What Has Nature ever Done For Us?

Tony Juniper is a leading British environmentalist and former Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth. He not only writes about environmental issues, but actively campaigns for conservation and advises government and business on sustainability.

His new book focuses on the economic benefit of important ecosystem services; or, in the case of the vulture crisis, the economic cost of the loss of important ecosystem services.

Tony talks about his book further on an RSPB guest blog. Where he describes the vulture crisis as “a case in point” and goes on to say “The sooner political and business leaders realize that it makes economic sense to nurture nature the more likely it will be that goals to improve human wellbeing can be met”.

Read Tony’s RSPB guest blog.


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