International Vulture Awareness Day

The 1st of September 2012 was International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD). Vultures, New World and Old World species combined, represent one of the World’s most threatened groups of birds and IAVD publicises their plights, whether it be the misuse of diclofenac, unintentional poisoning, direct persecution or hunting for traditional medicines.

In 2012, over 200 organisations participated in IVAD in range-countries and beyond. Events included rallies and workshops across twenty districts of Nepal; lectures, a quiz, photographic competition and face-painting in Pakistan; and lectures, workshops, vulture-mask making and fairs in India.

I (Toby Galligan) presented the plight of South Asia’s vultures at the European Congress of Conservation Biology in Glasgow. While my colleagues at the RSPB raised funds to support SAVE through a themed dinner.

The full list of organisers and events can be found on the IVAD2012 website.

Keep an eye out for the IVAD2013 website later this year and join in.


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